Butter Fingers - Music Video

Butter Fingers is about a fox and a rabbit who become friends but then fall apart after an accidental scratch. This i s told through dance and suggestive imagery.


We sat down as a team and worked out ideas for the song, being the director I leaped at the opportunity to do a conceptual story. I wanted to be creative and try something I hadn’t done before. I sat down with the writer and musician and we mapped out a possible story and when we were happy, I began casting and organising possible styles and moodboards.


We filmed over 4 days, 2 of the days were choreography which meant on day 3 we were ready to rehearse and then on day 4 we shot the film.


The film is still in post-production however I wanted to release a version of the music video for general feedback. I am currently working with a friend of mine who is a VFX specialist are working together to bring the music video to the 21st century with cool visual effects.